Friday, July 20, 2007

Move Over, Kate Spade!

My new purse came in the mail! Boy, did I enjoy making this project. It was really rather difficult for me to choose the pictures of Snoopy that I wanted to use. I take a lot of pictures, so I have a lot to choose from! I went with 2 of my all time favorites. They both went with our Mimi paper and embellishments, so that is what I used. I can't stop using those white bitty blossoms, either. If you see this purse around town, you will know that it is me. After all, it is a Snoopy original.

Creative Class Idea #1
Make this purse with your friends! Get a small groups together, pick the papers you want to use, and start picking some photographs! This class would cost $37, which includes your own $29.95 purse and your choice of $6.95 Soar With It paper. I would bring additional stamps, inks, and embellishments for us to use.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Stampin' Beagle

Who would have guessed that Snoopy likes to stamp, too? I was working on some baby shower invites on the floor of our office. There was very little space, as I tend to spread out... (Brian would use other words to describe my stamping mess). Anyway, somehow Snoopy managed to squeeze into the little open space that was there to work with me. Right between the cardstock, theXyron, and the open glitter. It didn't even spill! What a great dog. Right now, she is hiding in the closet because of the fireworks. But earlier she was helping me stamp!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Idea Book & Catalogue

The new catalog is here! It is filled with great new papers, stamps, and accessories. Another angel counted, and we have 209 stamp sets that are less than $12! I think that is awesome. The best part? The catalogs are only $4.95! Mine was signed by the owner of our company, Mischelle Smith. :)

Do you want to know my favorites? Here goes!

Favorite New Stamp Set: T-2668 Teacher's Helpers (pg 55) OK, I am a teacher and all, but the Super Job! super kid is adorable. I call my husband Superman, so that stamp is perfect!

Favorite New Paper: V-831 Mulberry Meadow (pg 12) This paper is just beautiful. It was love at first sight.

Favorite New Alphabet: T-2723 Bet Blocks (pg 81) I can't wait to get this set to use it on scrapbook pages. I am a bit of an alphabet junkee, and this was a must have for me!

Favorite New Accessory: V-817 Memory Purse (pg 100) My teammate had this great purse, and I had just asked her where so ordered it online. Later that night the catalog was unveiled, and we now sell it ourselves! You can make your own scrapbook page to decorate the purse. I can't wait to get it!!!