Sunday, September 30, 2007

Snoopy just wanted to say Happy Fall!

This card was made with Heminway paper. Why? Because the brown tones in the paper match Snoopy's fur, of course!

Enjoy the season!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This post is dedicated to Dawnmarie. She is an Angel sister of mine, and she just helped us at the Tinley Park Rubber Stamp Expo. She is the one that you can see in the picture, because she didn't have a matching specTACular shirt. We took that picture to be funny. Well, let me tell you...


Why, you ask? Because she made me buy these new markers. She just kept talking about how great they are, and I finally went over to watch a demo. I am an anti-colorer, so I will do anything to avoid markers in general. These ones looked pretty cool, though, so I took a leap and bought a set. WOW. They are great. I am not quite good enough yet to post a sample using them, but I thought I would say thanks to Dawn. If anyone out there is looking for a good set of markers, try Copic markers. I think Dick Blick stores carry them. Expensive, but so far worth it for me!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I was published! If you go to The Angel Company website, you will see a scrapbook page I made for something called Take 3! They send the same picture and materials to 3 people, and then they publish them on their website to demonstrate the different ways you can use the same materials. I made 2 pages for TAC to choose from, so the one above is just for you guys to see! They used my other one on the website. So check it out! I am so excited to see my name on the website. Now I know how my students feel when they see their work for the first time on a bulletin board in the hallway!!! :)